The color blue is the most universally appealing color on the spectrum. It can represent trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, and sensitivity. But it can also convey fragility, depression, impersonality, and even coldness. There was a time when the pigment blue was the rarest and most precious shade of all. Some artists even went into debt to use the color! With so many intriguing shades of blue carrying so many meanings and representations, TRUE BLUE is a vibrant display showcasing its timelessness. 


Giving back is the foundation of our culture at Art Fluent. We are grateful to have donated to art organizations across the United States since we began in 2020.


We are shifting our giving model to donate to organizations throughout the year rather than by each show. That way, we can make a more significant impact for each organization that we support.


As we donate, the gallery will be updated. We are grateful to continue our support to tremendous organizations doing unseen work in the name of the arts!