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-Thyra, we'd love to hear your story and how you got to where you are today, both personally and as an artist.

Growing up, I was surrounded by art, thanks to my mother, who was a gifted painter. Despite working as a pharmacist full-time, she produced stunning artwork in a variety of water media, sharing a profound respect and interest in art. From a very early age, my creative endeavors were always encouraged and supported.

While in college, I was fascinated by the gouache paintings of my professor, Roger Anliker. His careful consideration of details, design, and color impressed me greatly. Even though I was a graphics major, I took as many painting and drawing classes as I could because that's where my true heart was.

After graduation, I launched a meaningful advertising career, ultimately establishing my own agency. Though I had little time for personal creative pursuits, my passion for gouache and still lifes remained. It wasn't until after I closed the business that I could follow my heart and begin to fully investigate my creative potential.

As part of this creative exploration, and completely by accident, I participated in a weeklong workshop on abstraction, and it ignited a new direction for me. As I delved deeply into abstract painting using water media, the constraints of gouache became evident, prompting a move to acrylics. This shift allowed me to explore many new possibilities including mixed media. Everything came together as I combined my longtime fascination with surface texture, pattern, color, and dimensional form.

Another turning point in my artistic journey came with the arrival of our newly rescued dog, who had quite the penchant for destruction. This, combined with my fascination for repurposing items, sparked a unique creative process. As our canine companion tore through various objects, I discovered the opportunity to breathe new life into them, incorporating these unconventional materials into my art.

It is my nature to continue to explore and push artistic boundaries and follow my creative instincts to see where they will take me.

-How do you balance the aesthetics of your art with the use of recycled materials? 

In my artistic practice, I strive to harmoniously balance aesthetics and the utilization of recycled materials. While the initial inspiration for adding dimension stemmed from a particular item, my creative process has evolved to prioritize texture, pattern, and movement that the materials can provide. The application of paint on top of these materials further unifies the entire piece, emphasizing its cohesive visual language rather than the individual components. 

My primary objective is to create captivating artwork that effectively communicates the intended emotion, movement, and purpose. The incorporation of upcycled elements not only serves to enhance and strengthen the concept but also adds a unique and eco-conscious layer to my work.

Composition remains a pivotal aspect of my creative process, guiding the integration of recycled materials in a manner that complements the overall visual appeal.