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Here we stand at the intersection of art and politics, surrounded by challenges of injustice, inequities, neglect, movements, protest, and so much more. We take a stand on issues that we feel passionate about. When enough is enough, and the matter needs to be given a voice. Art recounts our past stories and allows us to look back and understand how our society evolved over time. And essentially, it is a way to know and understand ourselves better as a culture. STAND is an example of the broad range of issues that are happening in this extraordinary time. 


A portion of the proceeds from STAND was donated to the Chicago Artists Coalition, an incredible non-profit based in Chicago, Illinois.

Chicago Artists Coalition is a non-profit organization that supports contemporary Chicago artists and curators by offering residency programs, exhibitions, professional development, and resources that enable them to live, work and thrive in the city. CAC is deeply committed to advancing the cause of art and its importance to Chicago’s culture and economy by cultivating a wide-reaching civic, philanthropic and public support network.

To learn more about their work, visit their website

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