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Impacting the arts through funding and artist opportunities. 

Our online exhibitions display influential artists from around the world. The arts improve our lives in so many ways, and funding today faces challenges from all sides. A portion of the proceeds from the entry fees is donated to organizations committed to the arts and supporting artists. 
Our grants are offered on a rolling basis. The grants provide unrestricted funding to an individual artist with recognized artistic excellence in fine art media.

Why an online gallery?

We have reached 177 countries and territories (and counting) with tens of thousands of visitors to our site. Online exposure will always reach a far wider audience, even with the largest, most successful brick-and-mortar gallery opening. There is no comparison!

In our years of experience, we have had to deal with the arrival of damaged artwork, the nightmare of filing claims, uninsured pieces, and getting the runaround. It’s time-consuming and heartbreaking. Plus, the cost to ship your work to a gallery and back again adds up fast!

There is no need to consider shipping your artwork with online galleries, no expensive framing costs, no size restrictions, and no time limitations. And if your work has sold, you are still welcome to submit and exhibit to our shows. 

But there is nothing like seeing the artwork in person.
True! We are first in line for openings at galleries and museums. We have traveled the world to cross artwork off our bucket list. The same holds true in a brick-and-mortar gallery. A piece will always look different no matter what the space, whether it is in a gallery properly lit or in your home. Our digital reach far outweighs all these scenarios. We believe in art with an impact, and what better impact than having a global reach.


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