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The artist’s muse is one of the most romanticized figures in art history. From lovers to spouses to friends inspiration comes from many different individuals, maybe something different for you. The relationship between an artist and their muse can be intuitive, complex, and private. This deep relationship drives the creative process, enhances it, and guides the artists into creating their beautiful fantastical worlds. Whether it is inspiration from a person, a spirit or a personified force, it is the fuel that feeds the fire of an artist.

I have juried several shows in my community and have come to recognize the impact of the local environment on people’s art. What I enjoyed about judging this show was seeing art which comes from a worldwide community of artists. It is wonderful to see the diversity of perspectives and I was duly challenged in narrowing down my selection. All efforts by an artist are worthy of being seen. An artist myself, who has also entered competitions, I am well aware of the disappointment one feels when not getting chosen. I also never let that change my opinion of my own work, after all, it’s just one person’s opinion. So carry on my colleagues, the world will always need creative thinkers and dreamers. 

Congratulations on showing up to your studios and enjoy feasting your eyes on this beautiful selection of art.


Jackie Reeves is an artist and teacher actively involved in the local art scene where she lives on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Born and raised in Montreal she has spent her career delving into various art forms including mural art, theater set design and painting, community arts events and art education. Reeves studied painting at Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MFA), and design art at Concordia University, Montreal (BFA).

Jackie’s award winning art has been collected internationally and exhibited throughout New England museums, art centers and galleries. She offers painting, drawing and collage classes and workshops throughout Cape Cod and has shared her professional experience as an artist, community leader and educator through panel discussions, podcasts, presentations and print media interviews. 

In her painting Reeves combines abstract and figurative elements using mixed media and collage. Her work is often inspired by memories and moments captured through home photography and film but is then infused with her creative imaginings and exploration of materials and surfaces. 

To see her work go to and follow her on Instagram at


​A portion of the proceeds from MUSE was donated to Artists for Humanity, an incredible nonprofit based in Boston, Massachusetts that provides under-resourced teens the keys to self-sufficiency through paid employment in art and design. To learn more about their work visit their website at

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