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In my figurative paintings, I sometimes work from photographs, but often an idea arises while I am doing the acrylic underpainting. My decision to integrate mixed media into the work began by accident. About two years ago, while painting a falling buffalo, I spontaneously decided to adhere torn images and gold leaf to the horns.

Since then, I have added mystical and surreal elements to my figurative work, incorporating horns, antlers, and tree branches to the heads of figures. I also may include collage in their bodies. There are also words and bits of text integrated into many of the paintings.


I am often asked, “Why do the figures have horns or antlers?” Each piece has an overall mood or emotion or underlying tension. The horns or antlers may represent strength, fertility, sexuality, creativity, and a connection with nature and our animal instincts. But I invite you to view the pieces and come to your own conclusions. What do the words and messages suggest? What overall feeling does the work inspire in you?



Lynne Gaetz is a visual artist based in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario. Born in Calgary, Alberta, Lynne has spent most of her adult life living and working in and around Montreal. In 2021, she moved to the Niagara region.


Originally an oil painter, she has begun integrating mixed media, words, gold and silver leaf, and even pieces of wood and stone in her work. Her figurative paintings have surreal and mystical elements, and feature people with horns, antlers, and extremely tall hats. Additionally, she creates fantasy landscapes with collage, and she occasionally creates abstract works.


Many different elements have contributed to her artistic direction: She has studied art at universities in Calgary, Quebec City, Montreal, and India. Additionally, her travels to places such as Mexico, Turkey, Kenya, Morocco, and Chile have influenced her colour palette.


She continues to learn, taking workshops, conversing with other artists, and challenging herself to risk new directions. She has exhibited in galleries in Alberta, Quebec, and Ontario, and her work is in several private collections.

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