LUMIÈRE is a collection displaying the integral role that light can play in a work of art. We were delighted to see and feel light as the main character through the translucency, the sparkle, hard vs. soft, day vs. night, and so much more. And just like light itself, these works lead us like a moth to the flame. We experience the purity, knowledge, cosmic energy, and transcendence that light gives to us. As light does to us naturally, our instinct pulls us in further, showing us that light truly is a fundamental and universal symbol.


Giving back is the foundation of our culture at Art Fluent. We are grateful to have donated to art organizations across the United States since we began in 2020.

We are shifting our giving model to donate to organizations throughout the year rather than by each show. That way, we can make a more significant impact for each organization that we support.

As we donate, the gallery will be updated. We are grateful to continue our support to tremendous organizations doing unseen work in the name of the arts!