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My artwork is influenced by my neurodiversity. Being on the spectrum helps me create my artwork and-finally after many years-  I see it as my ally, not something that defines and limits me. Art allows me to communicate the beauty and joy that I see and feel, but can't always fully convey in words. Through autism, I see and interpret the world as brilliant, bold color and shapes, almost like a kaleidoscope. Through these colors and shapes I find meaning as well as translate my joy.  This is what my artwork is and who I AM.


Autism is the vehicle that helps me create and encode my artwork. My Divinity shows me the codes, colors and shapes to include in each piece, and I act as a translator. The artwork itself is not two dimensional, even though my printed pieces are 2D. Rather, each work acts as a holographic projection, which allows those who are willing and choose to, to accept and learn the codes that were created.  The purpose of this is to help reawaken humanity's light, and as such, bring light and beauty back to this world.


Jessica Patrice Braccio received her PhD. In Humanities in Aesthetics Studies from The University of Texas at Dallas.  She is trained as a digital artist and primarily works in Photoshop. When she is not creating art, she is working as a licensed massage therapist and energy practitioner.

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