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The enduring feminine spirit is diverse, ever-changing, a mystery, and beautiful all wrapped up into one. As far as art can remember, we have been drawn to the female archetype in all her complexities and contradictions. Her strength and vulnerabilities, her value, her abilities, and all of her possibilities. FEMME celebrates women, their allure, and their place in humanity. 


A portion of the proceeds from FEMME was donated to American Woman Artists, a groundbreaking non-profit based in Lodi, California.
American Women Artists is a membership organization made up of women artists, patrons, and gallery owners throughout the United States and Canada. Since its inception, they have worked diligently to bring women artists to the attention of the art world through museum shows, juried competitions in leading galleries around the country, symposiums, workshops, and international travel and exhibitions. Their goal is to increase the number of professional opportunities for women in the visual fine arts that lead to greater inclusion.
To learn more about their work, visit their website

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