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It's been suggested that...I'm a bit of a paper hoarder!


I wake up most mornings and head off to my studio with papers in one hand, paint in the other and something in my mind I can't wait to get onto a canvas...the days adventure starts from there. Often using cast off papers and substrates as my favorite mediums to work with, I'm always surprised at what people toss away.  I feel like I'm saving valuable resources while creating something of beauty with them in the process.


There are so many wonderful avenues to take in art...I love the exploration!  Whether I'm standing in front of my easel or a classroom full of students, it's what keeps me excited about this expressive's ever changing, aways adventurous and completely delightful.  



Denise Cerro is a San Diego artist who has had a life full of creative adventures!  Always interested in art as a young person, Denise’s professional background includes lengthy innovative careers in both Visual Presentation and as a faux finish and mural artist. Mural work eventually led her to painting on canvas while her visual merchandising eye for design stirred an interest towards mixed media, assemblage art and blending a wide variety of mediums.  

Denise is a founding member of the F1VEart group in San Diego and shares F1VEart Studio and Gallery in the Liberty Station Arts District of San Diego.

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