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The use of text and language elevates a work of art to become a visual code. A layer of mystery is added, and as humans, we begin to decode what we see to translate it into our minds—the boundless perspectives of text probe ideas and concepts, where a new layer of storytelling occurs. ConTEXT highlights the power of words and meaning as we explore language as an equation in a piece of art. This exhibit intertwines poetic statements such as isolation, memory, our past, remaining silent, social justice, and so much more!


A portion of the proceeds from ConTEXT was donated to Springboard for the Arts, a non-profit based in Saint Paul Minnesota.

Springboard provides programs that help artists make a living and a life, and programs that help communities connect to the creative power of artists. Springboard for the Arts’ mission is to cultivate vibrant communities by connecting artists with the skills, information, and services they need to make a living and a life.

Their work is about creating communities and artists that have a reciprocal relationship, where artists are key contributors to community issues and are visible and valued for the impact they create. They do this work by creating simple, practical solutions and systems to support artists. They are working towards a day when every artist in the US has access to the tools they need to make a living and a life and impact their community, and where every community in the US has access to their local creative capacity. 

To learn more about their work, visit their website

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