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-Assa, we'd love to hear your story and how you got to where you are today, both personally and as an artist.

From a very young age I have clearly understood that art brings me happiness. Apart from that, I have always learned quickly, as it came easy to me. I started work early while I was still in school. I have worked during breaks as a cleaner in a childcare center- which was a physically straining job. And it was then that I understood that I have to learn, so in the future I could have a physically more lax job. My first degree was in economy. I worked in this field for a few years after finishing university. And I have very quickly learned that this job doesn't make me happy, nor does it give me a sense of fulfillment. To give context, I have never dropped art— it turned into a hobby. Then I realized that I did not wish to work whatsoever. I just want my creations, my favorite pastime to be my income. It is after all, a creative way of living- being able to do what you love. I again went to university. I have finished the school of arts in France, as well as taking private lessons from artists, and worked with photographers. Later I started getting invited to exhibitions and salons. And that is how I surely but slowly started to grow as a person and as an artist. Now I am an active member of the universal committee of art in Monaco and work with many galleries. 


I must say, I am very thankful to myself for making the decision: to do what I love. Even though it was a very hard path, it has brought me completion and happiness. I love waking up to the feeling that a new exciting and interesting day awaits me, since for me that is what matters most.

-You talk about freedom as an artist, what does it mean for you to push beyond your comfort zone?

As an artist I try to achieve inner freedom, the kind that we had as kids. Since only freedom gives you the feeling of being able to fly. Kids are totally free in their art forms. As a kid grows, society bends the child to their structure. And as a person gets older, their personality changes. Even if you grow a watermelon in a cube, then it will absorb the shape of the cube. They do that in Japan, and you don't even have to weigh them! That is because all the watermelons weigh and cost the same. You can even call it an abuse of the fruit. But purely aesthetically, I still prefer the round ones. And if my voice would mean something in our unfree world, I would cry out to the world (round like watermelons) "Free the watermelons!"


Ok, now jokes aside, it begs the truth that if a watermelon grows up as a cube, it can't turn into a balloon! But what about a person?... 

You can reach freedom using these two ways: either get rid of anyone and everyone or accept anyone and everyone. Both ways are effective. But for me, my freedom came after I used the first option- relative and debatable, achieved by the second option, absolute. The first requires bravery, determination, and personally very energy-consuming. The second is more absolute and more soft.

I prefer not to leave my comfort zone but to expand it. I'm interested and find happiness in learning about unfamiliar visual techniques, working with new materials, and creating new stories. 

-What is something you haven't yet achieved in your art?


I don't have an endpoint in my art. My art is the process of evolution of myself in this world. As a person and an artist, I change with time, and so does the world around me. For me, art is the search for and the obtainability of balance- inner harmony. It's like a dance with reality, a rhythm set by life itself.